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Natural Disaster Restoration & Mitigation Profile: Thunderstorm

Published by 911 Restoration Phoenix AZ on April 13, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

Water damageThunderstorms come together with strong winds, tornadoes and hail, which can accumulate together and present a sea of damage often requiring the services of a natural disaster restoration provider in Phoenix.

Despite their small size and infrequency, thunderstorms can be pretty tough to deal with. Almost all thunderstorms produce lightning, the wrath of Lord Zeus. In fact, it killed more people in 2021 than tornadoes. The heavy rain resulting from thunderstorms can also result in flash flooding, which eventually leads to water damage to property, electrocution, and a lot more.

Thunderstorms tend to affect relatively smaller areas than winter storms and hurricanes. The typical thunderstorm can span over 15 miles in diameter and last over 20 to 30 minutes. The United States alone is host to some 100,000 thunderstorms every year, with more than 10 percent being classified as severe.

In this article, we take a look at the dangers of thunderstorms and what families and homeowners can do to mitigate the risk. You can learn about the plan to follow during thunderstorms and how that plan can be brought into action. We also look at how a natural disaster restoration provider in Phoenix can help you.


Planning for Thunderstorms 

As a family, you need to plan for thunderstorms together and make sure that the risk presented by them is averted in the best manner possible. The following tips will help you plan and prepare for thunderstorms in your region: 

  • You should start by learning about the risk of thunderstorms in the area that you live in. Severe thunderstorms tend to occur almost all around the year and can come at any given hour. You can contact your local weather office to get more information on the thunderstorm. 
  • You should study details to find out whether a thunderstorm can result in a tornado
  • Have a safe place in your home or outside your home in an exterior space, which you can head to in the case of a thunderstorm. This place should be covered from all sides and shouldn’t have glass ceilings. 
  • You should know how to squat low to the ground when you’re outside and there is a wild lightning strike around you. 
  • Get training on how you can manage care during a thunderstorm and how you can look after people that have suffered from burns due to a thunderstorm. 
  • You should have a family meeting to discuss what to do in the case of a thunderstorm. 
  • Postpone all activities you have with your children to make sure you aren’t stuck in a risk. 
  • Do not roam outdoors with children if you see an approaching thunderstorm. Head inside your car or a sturdy building for protection. 
  • Stay away from tall towers and power lines when outdoors. 
  • If you are in the swimming pool, you should look to get out of it and head somewhere safe. 
  • Stay away from the running water present inside your home and take a bath or a shower if needed. 

Ways to Protect Your Property 

When preparing for a disaster, you should make sure that you follow all precautionary measures for protecting your property. The following tips will help you protect your property: 

  • You should list all the items you plan to bring inside when a storm comes in. You should prepare a list of all the things that can be broken or blown away in the event of strong winds. Strong winds can blow away certain components in your home’s exterior. 
  • Besides just cutting some exterior additions in your house, you should also shrub the trees and cut off all extra branches. You can make all of your trees wind resistant by removing all of the damaged limbs and the diseased branches from the core of the bark. Once you are done with that, you can strategically remove the branches from the wind that blows away due to a thunderstorm. 
  • You should install permanent shutters to all of your windows to permanently close windows and openings. Permanently closing all openings will make sure that the wind blowing from different corners and the water with it will not find a way inside your home. Rainwater and water from flash floods can come inside your home and cause significant water damage if all steps aren’t followed. 
  • If you live in an area prone to significant lightning and other thunderstorms, you can install lightning rods in the open. The lightning rods will greatly reduce the chances of lightning striking your home. 
  • You can make sure you know of restoration service providers outside your property. All restoration service providers are not the same, which is why it is best to know a good natural disaster restoration provider in Phoenix. A good service provider will understand the calamity of the situation and make sure that all of your requirements are met in the best manner possible. 

Natural disaster restoration in Phoenix can be costly, especially if you don’t have the right team working for you. Looking for a remodeling service provider? 911 Restoration of Phoenix is just a call away for you! You can get in touch with us to run a remodeling job that prioritizes your satisfaction and comfort.

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